Each New Development is Special and has its Own History

We are continuously working on further improvements to our existing products, which allows us to regularly mix up the market with great new ideas.

All our developments focus on our goal to satisfy ever more discerning clients and to improve on our own achievements.

Client proximity is the key to continuous improvements when it comes to our products and services, and of course developing new solutions. Our ongoing direct dialogue with clients and users allows us to review our cleaning processes with a critical eye. Looking at our processes from a client perspective with a clear view of practical issues forms the framework for further research and development.

Each innovation has its own source, its own history, and its own objective. The process entails the seamless integration of new machines, equipment, and chemical cleaning products in our cleaning systems to improve the efficiency of our cleaning methods.

We drive innovation on our own accord and maintain an in-house infrastructure for research and development. Everything centres around our Chemistry development department, the ATA test lab for chemical cleaning products and consumables, and of course our development department and test centre for new machinery.

Our investment in the future of cleaning technology creates added value and advances our industry sector.